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Customer Testimonials

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"Great Purchasing Experience"

This letter was written to Toyota-Town expressing appreciation for Steve Roach and Jackie Vera assistance.

My name is David E. Kyle and my wife Shanon just purchased/leased "2" new Toyota Cars from your dealership this week and I would like to offer you some feedback regarding our experience with your dealership.

Let me first say that these two cars we bought/leased this time are on a long list of Toyota products that myself and my wife have driven over the years.  

Tercel - owned
Corolla - owned
Camry - leased
Corolla - leased
Corolla - leased
Rav4 - lease
Corolla - own

Toyota runs deep in my family - my dad has had numerous Toyota's, my sister drives a Rav4, my niece drives a Corolla, my nephew drives my old Camry and numerous friends of ours drive Toyota products, part and parcel because of me telling them what a GREAT product Toyota is.Some of my friends have even purchased cars from your dealership based on my recommendation.

Myself and my extended family LOVE the Toyota product.Shanon and I have purchased/leased "5" Toyota cars from your dealership over that last few years.Our first experience with your staff was with Steve Roach, Steve did an AMAZING job with dealing with me and Shanon, went above and beyond during and after the sale of the cars - offered loaners during our service, called to follow up on an ongoing basis on how we were doing and if there was anything that we needed Steve was at our beckon call -OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE

When we decided to lease again we dealt with Steve again to lease a new Corolla, this was a no brainer, deal with Steve again as he was so easy to deal before and his customer service with us was OUTSTANDING once again. During this lease experience we had the opportunity to also deal with Jackie Vera who handled part of the process with the lease of the Corolla, once again EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE from Jackie.

Jackie called us last week to see if we would like to turn our leased Corolla in with the possibility of jumping into a newer Toyota product.This was our second experience with Jackie Vera who we had dealt with before. I indicated to Jackie that in order for Shanon and myself to turn in the leased car a year early there were certain criteria that needed to be met, not only did Jackie meet all the criteria she exceeded the criteria, hence my wife and committed to a new 2012 Rav4 which we are now leasing for another 4 years - my wife LOVES the Rav4.

I was currently driving a non Toyota product, a 2003 fully loaded MINT Chevy Avalanche ( had to try a truck never had one before ) which my wife has hated since the purchase of the used vehicle.

After we got home from the your dealership, Shanon indicated that this might be a good time to sell the gas guzzling pig of a truck which she has hated all along and get back with the Toyota family.

Missing the Toyota product and sick and tired of the $140 full up I figured why not as we had another EXCELLENT experience dealing with Jackie on the lease of the 2012 Rav4.

I called Jackie the next day and we began the process of trading the truck in and this time my wife and I decided to purchase a vehicle instead of leasing.I indicated to Jackie certain criteria must be met in order for us to turn the truck over to your dealership and purchase a 2013 Corolla, once again Jackie EXCEEDED our expectations and I drove my new 2013 Corolla home last night.

What a feeling two new cars for myself and my family to drive over the next few years.

I can assure you Mark that and Shanon and I will be coming back to your dealership to lease another vehicle in a few years and by the way ALL of our service is with your dealership as well.

I keep our cars in MINT condition and I can assure you that Jackie will be calling us back in a few years to start the process all over again.

I know this is a long winded letter, but I felt obligated to tell you about your employees and what a GREAT experience we had with two of your valuable employees.

Jackie and Steve KEEP UP THE EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE and I can't wait to deal with you two again.

Happy customer David E. Kyle


David E. Kyle

"Exceptional Car Experience"

Hi Mark!

I absolutely LOVE my 2013 Scion tc...totally cute!   It was a great choice and thanks to you and the Sciontown team for getting me the blue one.  

We came to the dealership looking for a new car and had fully researched the Corolla and Matrix but after coming back from test driving each of them, John and I saw the tc on your back lot and it caught our attention immediately.

We were impressed by its safety features, basic package with so many options and of course, how it looked!   The test drive sold us as it handled beautifully and it was so much FUN to drive.

In the past month, I have had so many inquiries and compliments on how the car looks and my three teenagers are excited driving with The Mum again!

I enjoyed the Car Lady session and how to care for my new "baby" plus the Toyota swag.  The session is valuable and is a great example of the value-add and customer focus you have at your dealership.

Thank you for an exceptional car experience!

Heather Carey

"Customer Service"

It is important to me that I write you a note to commend your employee, Douglas Lee on outstanding customer service.  Often when we are unhappy with service we tell ten people but when we are happy with service, we might tell three.  I would be pleased to recommend Doug and Toyota to anyone given my positive experience with Doug and Toyota over the last few years.

My father John Ohnmacht passed away over a year ago and after dad passed away, I took over the lease on dad's Corolla.  Dad always dealt with Doug and only had high praises about Doug as a person.  When I would go with dad to have the oil changed, Doug always came up to talk to my dad and I know it made my dad feel special.  It was always sincere and he never made my dad feel rushed or unimportant.  Part of what dad enjoyed about getting his servicing done at Toyota was always a special chat with Doug.

Doug has been the very same way with me.  Sincere, kind and honest.  I feel Doug goes beyond his job because he has a certain something that many in the sales world lack.  You either have it or you don't and Doug has it.

I have appreciated the excellent customer service and care and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Doug and Toyota to any of my friends.

Think you should know that you have a keeper with Doug but I'm also thinking...you probably already know that!

Warm Regards,

Laurie Johnston

Good afternoon Stephen, 

I want to take a minute, while I think of it, to thank you for blessing us with a remote starter for the Yaris. It was a pleasure to deal with you and you have given us more reason to continue to deal with Toyota Town for all our car needs. We wont hesitate to recommend your dealership to our friends and family. 
So, thanks again! 


"Keep Up the Good Work"

Mark, I purchased a vehicle from your dealership yesterday and was very impressed in the way that I was treated.   

Menat worked very hard to find me exactly what I was looking for.   

Brian Komar, was also very honest up front and delivered as promised. After test driving the car I noticed an issue with the exhaust. Brian had the issue resolved no questions asked! 
He made me feel very confident in my purchase and kept me informed on the progress while the car was being repaired.   

I want to compliment your staff at your dealership for great experience. I found them all to be very friendly and helpful.   

It was worth the drive from Toronto.   
It was a pleasure.   

Keep up the good work.


"New Truck Purchase"

Hey Steve and Kevin,

I just wanted to say a big thanks for the great truck purchase experience with you guys today. You sell cars and trucks every day, so it's no big deal, but I buy one every 10 years and this felt totally right from start to finish.

I appreciated your trust in me that I'd show up, and for holding it until I could get there. The drove home to Pickering was amazing it's such a smooth ride and the details inside the truck are incredible! I am really excited about this truck, and it really is perfect.

I was really impressed with how ready you were when I got there, and how fast I was able to leave with the truck. Everyone I spoke with was friendly and professional, and I almost wished I lived in London for the service relationship to continue!

Anyways, just wanted to mention that all the best to you both.


"Road Hazard Repair"

Hi Mike - Ted and Joanne Bensinger here. 

We experienced wonderful service from you on Monday afternoon this week. We are from the Buffalo, NY area and picked up a flat tire while in transit through Canada on the 401 just east of London - our "run-flat" tires on our Toyota Sienna van kept us from any highway danger and supported our travel to the ToyotaTown repair facility.
Several really nice London-area people gave us driving instructions to the ToyotaTown agency. We appreciate your kind and courteous attention and working to secure for us a timely repair as we were on our way to western Michigan. The repair was well done and your notes and map for us [showing us the driving instructions leading back to the 402 in order for us to return on our way] worked perfectly. 
We made it to our destination without further problems. Thanks again for your very professional assistance.

Thank you Note to Mike Minarsky for Wonderful Service

"A faithful ToyotaTown customer"

Dear Mr. Eisan, 

My husband and I purchased a vehicle from your dealership last month. We drove home with a brand new Scion tC, which we are thoroughly enjoying; however, I am sure that this comes as no surprise as you are aware of how well your vehicles not only look but perform. Today, I am writing you this letter to praise the sales person that helped us throughout the purchasing process-- Henry Henny Pfaff. 

I was in last month to get my Camry serviced and while waiting, decided to stroll the lanes of used vehicles out front of the dealership. I was happily browsing when I noticed a young man approaching; now, I will be the first to admit that I had that stereotypical thought of Oh great here he comes now wanting to know how he can shove a car down my throat grrrreat, run through my mind. When Henny got to where I was, he was kind and polite and listened quietly as I proceeded to quickly explain that I didnt want anything, that I was there waiting for my vehicle to be fixed; I was simply looking. 

Henny put me at ease rather effectively by not pressing the issue of me looking at vehicles but rather allowed me talk about my dear Camy being in for servicing. I explained how Ive purchased six Toyotas over the last 10 years and how at some point we would be looking at getting a third-more gas friendly- vehicle than our Tundra. He let me know that if and when we were ready to look at vehicles that he could be of service. He took down my name and email address to simply keep in touch for when we were ready to look. We parted ways and I proceeded to go back outside to look at vehicles. I was outside for a good 20 minutes pacing back and forth between all the vehicles and eventually looking at the different Matrix that you had outside and their gas mileage. When I went back inside I had decided to ask Henny for an inventory list of the Matrix that you currently had available to do some comparison shopping. 

To my disillusionment he was not at his desk. I walked back to the greeting desk a touch disappointed but then I saw that he was once again walking towards me and to my utter surprise, he had in his hands EXACTLY what I had been looking for. Now on a personal level: in my eight years of marriage NEVER has my husband done what Henny did for me that day he read my mind. I thought that I had walked away and he had gone back to something else, but he had watched me looking and took it upon himself to have the list of available Matrix for me. Now, as I said, we were not really in need of the third vehicle but Henny truly did win me over and although we did not end up getting a Matrix, we did end up purchasing the Scion tC. I give full credit to Henny for his uncanny ability to not only LISTEN to me but UNDERSTAND and OBSERVE me. He saw the type of person that I needed and that is what I got. I have never been so thoroughly impressed and won overh by a sales person in my entire adult life to the point where I was motivated to write a letter to praise them; however, Henny has done just that. I GREATLY look forward to being able to come back in to ToyotaTown and not only purchase more vehicles in the future but to be greeted by sales people who model more after Henny; someone who can listen to what it is the customer is asking for rather than proceed to tell them what it is they want or need. 

A faithful ToyotaTown customer, 
Daysie Laing 

Daysie Laing

"ToyotaTown customers since 1996"

Mr. Stephen Roach: 

I want to tell you about our recent experience regarding the lease of a new Camry SE. We were able to trade in our not-so-old Camry after only two years, and get a great deal on a new, upgraded model during your recent sales event. My wife and I are extremely pleased with our new car, and want to let you know that the entire experience was simple and pleasant, thanks to the efforts of Tony Coyles, Sales and Leasing Specialist. 

Over the past two years, Tony has been in touch a couple of times, including during the brake pedal non-issue, even proactively contacting us during our stay in Florida to ask if we had any concerns, and offer solutions if needed. 

Recently, Tony called us to ask if we were interested in updating our vehicle, explained the offer, and was flexible in discussing our options. He responded quickly to our needs, and at no time did we feel pressured to deal. When we came in to sign the Offer to Purchase, all the extra car options were described to us - without pressure to purchase them. When we came in to pick up the new Camry, all the paperwork was ready and explained to us clearly and concisely. Tony also took the time to show us all the new features on our car, including helping set up the Bluetooth connection to our cell phone. To sum up, this was undoubtedly the least stressful car purchase we have ever had. Our thanks to all the staff at ToyotaTown, and in particular to Tony Coyles. Keep up the good work!

Mike and Donna Thomas
ToyotaTown customers since 1996

Mike and Donna Thomas

"Another Satisfied Toyotatown Customer"

Good evening,

I'm sending this e-mail to inform you of the wonderful job that Henny Pfaff did representing Toyotatown as well as selling me a vehicle that not only met my needs but exceeded my expectations.

I was interested in vehicles that were somewhat higher than sedans but not a lot bigger such as small wagons/SUVs. I did some Internet research on these types of vehicles as well as talked to various people about how reliable these vehicles were. The short list included the Toyota Matrix, the Kia Soul, the Hyundai Tuscan, with the Rav 4 and Honda CRV being slight possibilities as I thought they would be too big and not really affordable. Along with price, size, and features; reliability was a key issue for me as I tend to retain my vehicles for a number of years.

My first stop was the Hyundai dealership but there's was something about the Tuscan that I didn't quite like but I didn't entirely eliminate it (at first anyway). So on to my second stop which was Toyotatown. My intention was just to get a better idea of the vehicles I was interested in and then move onto the other dealerships on my list. However I never made it past Toyotatown largely due to Henny, his likeability and his work ethic and of course, the dependable Toyota vehicles.

Henny was so polite and easy to talk to and I just felt a comraderie with him. I really like how patient he was with me and how he didn't rush me or push me into something I wasn't ready for. He just listened to what I was interested in and showed me the base Matrix model, which I have to be honest, I didn't like due largely to the interior of it (perhaps this is something Toyota will improve on future base models). However, he told me that the upgraded Matrix would be much more in line with what I would like (interior and a more powerful engine) and that the Matrix was a very reliable car. However because there weren't any in the showroom at the time, he showed me the specs as well as the Matrix manual to give me an idea of what he was talking about. As we continued to talk further, he mentioned the 2012 Scion XB as an option, which I had never heard of. When he showed it to me along with the specs and manual, I quite liked it. He explained that it was predominantly made up of Camry and Lexus parts which further intrigued me. It was a good height off the ground and I felt very comfortable in it. Because it was getting late in the day and I wanted to do some further research on the XB, we made an appointment to test drive it the next day.

The biggest drawback that the Internet research revealed on the XB was that it lacked passing power on the highway because of the automatic 4-speed transmission which the critics felt should be a 5 or 6-speed transmission. This concerned me since I was only interested in automatic vehicles and I wanted one with spunky passing power. However, I made the decision to keep my appointment with Henny. He displayed remarkable maturity and patience, calmed my fears by saying that he didn't agree with the assessment and the best way for me to find out was to take the test drive. Well, I'm glad I listened to him because I found that the 2012 Scion XB had plenty of passing power due to the strong engine it has. It was a rainy day and not the best driving conditions but I didn't have any problem passing transport trucks on the highway (though perhaps Toyota would consider upgrading the transmission to a 5-speed on future models). However, I would still recommend this vehicle to anyone.

That being said, we started talking about the Rav 4 and Henny showed me the specs and the showroom vehicle. It wasn't as big as I thought it was and I felt very comfortable in it. He suggested that I take it out for a test drive which we did. I didn't think that I was going to like it as much or more than the XB but I did. It certainly gave me food for thought because it was more costly than the XB, due in part to being somewhat larger and more of a known entity than the XB as well as factoring in the upgrades that I wanted to have added.

Henny, true to his helpful nature, quoted prices and opportunities for additional savings. However, after he sought confirmation on these savings, he came back to tell me about a 2010 Limited Edition (V6) Rav 4 which was in excellent (practically new) condition. This made my decision even more difficult since I now had three great choices with varying prices. I also spoke to Steve Roach about the 2010 Rav 4 since he's the Pre-Sale Manager and I've previously dealt with him. I then made an appointment to come back and test drive it. I discussed this more with Henny, seeking his expert opinion on choosing between the three vehicles. Based on this and in spite of the increased price, I decided to go with one of the Rav 4s although as I previously stated, I would recommend the 2012 Scion XB to anyone looking for a value packed vehicle.

After I got home, I called Henny and again talked about the Ravs and he helped me decide on the 2010 so I put a downpayment on it to hold it until I could test drive it. The test drive was wonderful and Henny was so patient and helpful in explaining all the upgrades and automatic items in and on the vehicle. When you come from a vehicle that the only automatic thing in it is the transmission, that's a lot of explaining as the Limited Edition is loaded with upgrades. But as per the true professional that Henny is, he took it all in stride. 

I also wanted to add that Henny was very helpful in regards to explaining about the other non-Toyota vehicles that I was interested in i.e. reliability history, etc which actually verified what I had already been told. This further displayed his honesty and integrity, something which unfortunately not all car salesmen are known for. In addition, he was kind and thoughtful enough to bring the four all seasons tires (on rims) that came with the vehicle, to my home and put them in the shed for me. He also told me that I can call him anytime with any questions or concerns that I may have in the future which is comforting to know. I really enjoy driving the Rav 4. It's such a comfortably equipped vehicle with a smooth ride. 

Henny is certainly a remarkable employee as well as a credit to Toyotatown and its reputation of dependability. More so, he's just an amazing human being who cares for his clients and takes pride in his job which shows because he does it so well.

I didn't intend to write such a long e-mail but I once I got going, I wanted to provide a proper review of my experience with Henny and Toyotatown. Excellent service with no fuss, no muss, no rush, no pressure--just the way I like it. Thank you Henny and thank you Toyotatown. Keep up the good work!


Judy Bezanson

"Keep up the good work Toyota Town"

I just leased a 2012 Corolla, and in my purchasing process I shopped: Corolla, Civic, Cruze, Focus. 

My main objective was to get to a comfortable payment, trade my car, and I required very basic transportation. 

Honda ? couldn't put a trade number on my vehicle on the spot they said they had to call their buyer in to get a firm number? So I left.

Chev ? for the comparable vehicle/options was an extra $33 per month, I then told the manager I was buying today and still couldn't budge 5 cents on his price. (The only extra was the 6sp Trans with the Chev, not a big deal for me) So I left.

Ford ? I emailed and called 2 dealerships for a Focus quotation and am yet to hear back from either? They didn't even have a shot.

Basic selling practices are tough to find these days I guess? 
(Returning phone calls, emails, being able to negotiate some)

Keep up the good work Toyota Town.


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