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Welcome to the Toyota Town Finance Department. We're committed to helping you secure a lease or auto loan that meets all of your most important requirements when shopping for a vehicle. For more than 40 years, our finance and insurance experts have been providing our valued customers with affordable options for Toyota Finance in London -- and we're ready to help you, as well.

Browse Toyota "Protection" Specials

Toyota Town consistently offers a variety of Toyota Protection Specials for you to take advantage of when doing business with your new Toyota dealer. We understand that protecting your investment is important to you. Check out our "limited time" offers to help save you time and money!

Current Toyota Finance Incentives

The finance team at Toyota Town London is focused on providing you with any and all Toyota finance incentives possible. Whether you're looking to finance a new Corolla in London or a new RAV4 in London or any other new Toyota in London, ToyotaTown will give you the benefits and details on all current Toyota Finance Incentives

Meeting All of Your New Toyota Finance Needs

We understand that there are many important aspects to financing a new Toyota vehicle. Components of new Toyota finance -- such as term (the number of months you're financing for), APR and down payment -- must all align with your needs in order for you to move forward with.

That's why our finance representatives work to customize each Toyota finance transaction to your specific situation, and strive to secure every Toyota finance incentive and APR reduction available to you so that you don't pay more than is necessary.

Meeting All of Your Used Finance Needs

The ToyotaTown Finance & Insurance Department is committed to helping you secure the financing arrangement best suited to your specific needs. For both new and used vehicles, we work with top lenders to secure your financing at competitive rates.

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Financing at ToyotaTown in London, ON doesn't need to be complicated, intimidating or difficult. Our finance experts are committed to using their knowledge, experience and commitment to customer satisfaction to make each Toyota finance transaction simple, smooth and well-suited to your specific needs.

Contact us today for expert assistance with financing a Toyota in London, Ontario.