Protect your Investment

No matter how careful you are, everyday driving damages your vehicle. Unexpected and unavoidable damage such as a dent from a shopping cart or a stone chip to the windshield can lead to costly repairs. Appearance-Gard helps to protect your vehicle, keeping it looking new for years to come.

 Appearance-Gard® Vehicle Protection

 Appearance-Gard® Vehicle Protection:

  • Helps to keep the showroom look longer without incurring unexpected expenses
  • Helps maximize the resale value of your vehicle
  • Is ideal for both purchased and leased vehicles
  • Has no deductible
  • Claims will not impact your insurance premium

Total Loss Protection (GAP)

A full-term protection program for new & pre-owned vehicles to help protect you and your credit rating.

Generally, vehicles are declared a ‘total loss’ when the repair cost approaches the wholesale value, or when the damage affects the frame itself. With today’s repair costs, your vehicle is more likely to be written off as a total loss than repaired.

i-Select Plus

Offering you the flexibility to customize your vehicle coverage.

With advancing technology added to vehicles each year, mechanical breakdowns could occur during the lifetime of your vehicle. i-Select Plus is mechanical breakdown protection program that is designed to protect you and your investment from costly repairs.

How to Maintain your vehicle?

Battery Care

Caring For Your Interior

Carpet Care

Engine Detailing

Getting More From Your Tank

Keeping Your Vehicle Well Maintained

Leather Seat Care

Nitrogen In Tires

Preventative Maintenance Pays Off

Tire Care

Underbody Cleaning

Wheel And Rim Care