Tire Hazard Protection

Toyota Tire Road Hazard Protection

Whether it is driving your morning commute or taking the family on a road trip, the last thing on your mind is usually your tires. The truth is these are the only thing between you and the road speeding beneath your feet, and one of the most crucial safety components of your vehicle. It's always when you least expect it that you feel the inevitable vibrations that can mean only one thing: a flat or damaged tire. Whether it's a nail, piece of glass, or some other road debris, a damaged tire means only one thing: a costly repair at an inconvenient time.

Fortunately, there is now a better solution thanks to Toyota. Protect your new tires with Toyota Tire Road Hazard Protection (TRHP), which will take care of any unexpected damage to your tires. Designed to get you back on your way again as conveniently as possible, the TRHP program adds extra peace of mind to Toyota's long history of safety.

We understand the burden that a flat tire can have on your busy day, and your wallet. Unlike other programs, TRHP offers no deductible and no complicated mileage wear conditions should something happen. This gets you and your vehicle get back on the road where you belong and keeps your money in your wallet where it belongs.

How It Works

At Toyota, we like to give you options, so you have the choice between either a 3 or 4 year TRHP to meet your needs. When you purchase your TRHP from your Toyota dealer, you are protected from the direct costs associated with repairing or replacing your new tires in the event the tire(s) were damaged by a valid road hazard.

Getting your tire fixed is as easy as bringing it to the Service Department at any Toyota Dealership in Canada, and letting us take care of the rest. The tire will be repaired, or in the event that the tire cannot be safely repaired, replaced free of charge - all with quick and friendly service. Coverage includes the full cost of the repair or replacement including: mounting, balancing, weights, patch and plug (for repair), provincial tire levy, and tax. As long as the damaged tire has more the 3/32" of tread depth remaining, and the damage was caused by a valid road hazard, then you have nothing to worry about!

What Is Covered

When you purchase TRHP, Toyota will cover any damages caused by a valid road hazard. A road hazard is defined as a foreign object on a public road and can include:

  • Nails
  • Screws
  • Glasses
  • Raised Manhole Covers
  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Debris
  • Potholes

If one or more of your tires come in contact with any of the above mentioned items, then your tire will be repaired at no cost to you. If it cannot be repaired safely, then your Toyota dealer will replace the tire with the same or like make and model tire.

You can select how many tires you would like covered and for how long when registering the contract. Each of these tires is then covered for the life of the program, with no limit to the number of repairs or replacements during the term (there is an aggregate repair limit of $2000 per contract).

What Isn't Covered

Cosmetic damage is not covered under this program, which can be caused by:

  • Negligence
  • Blowouts caused by improper inflation/balancing or alignment
  • Vehicle accident
  • Vandalism
  • Manufacturer's defect
  • Off-road racing use
  • Commercial use (taxi, limo, fleet, etc.)
  • Theft
  • Abuse
  • Driving on a damaged tire

Out of Country Coverage

The TRHP program even covers you on trips to the United States. If you are traveling the continental US* and run into a covered problem, simply take your vehicle to the closest Toyota dealer or to a national tire retail/repair facility. Just make sure to take a digital photo of the damaged tire (with your camera or cell phone) and have the tire repaired or replaced with a like make/model of tire, pay for the repair/replacement, and make sure to get a receipt. You can submit a receipt and proof of payment to a Toyota dealer with your TRHP upon your return and you will be reimbursed for the covered costs.